Bob and Pam Stelter

Missionaries with FamilyLife ~ with gratefulness for our Team of Ministry Partners

Welcome!  See The Stories, Share The Blessings!

We are all running a race (1 Cor 9:24-25).  Imagine going into the eternal presence of our Lord and hearing "well done"...WOW!

God places upon each believer's heart a desire to join Him in His work.  All believers have a role.  Ours, as this website shares, is as missionaries with FamilyLife helping to strengthen marriages and families.

Could one of your roles be to join our Ministry Partner Team?  Marriage and the family are God's idea and are (supposed to be) "very good".  Sadly, a high number of marriages end in divorce while many others endure great struggles.  It doesn't have to be that way!  We are dedicated to helping husbands and wives see God's beautiful design for marriage and the family.   Through FamilyLife, we've watched God strengthen good marriages and miraculously restore broken ones, and bring people to His kingdom.  These are eternal crowns - blessings that we desire to share with you if the Lord leads you to invest in strengthening marriages and families.

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Local television news aired a 4-minute segment celebrating the work of FamilyLife Ministries, and the 10-year anniversary of the Weekend to Remember in Lincoln. 

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